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Software development

From a one page landing site to a complex ERP with API interfaces, we can be your partner. Using Django/python3 for new projects, or we can support your existing PHP based projects.

Async operations and large data transfer between platforms, data syncronisation.

Android and iOS app development.


We provide our long term clients a full stack toolkit for faster development. Our GitLab servers and Kanban based project management platform supports the workflow, monitoring and automation with Grafana. With reliable VPS partners we can easily deploy new versions into production even in multi-location server environment.

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Arduino & 3D printing workshops

Are you discovering microcontrollers, or just interested in arduino? Do you want to know more about 3D printing? We offer a 2 day workshop, where you get real life experience in C programming and electronics.

Some of our workshops are free, follow us on Facebook to know more.

Draken Technology Transfer Association

We are working close together with other civil organizations and city councils across eastern-europe and baltics. One of our proud partnership with The Limited Liability European Grouping of European Border Towns Cooperation regarding the CrossBordAir project.

We are committed to support the local communities regarding education, and green environment.

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If you are thinking about become an entrepreneur, establish a company, or looking for partnership, reach out to us. We are working with international lawyers, accountants and experts to create a thriving business environment.

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent business environment. E-resident entrepreneurs from all over the world can start an EU-based company and manage business from anywhere, entirely online. If you need help to be an e-resident, or support to establish your new company abroad, contact us, or join our community.

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GPS based vehicle tracking and advanced data acquisition from vehicles. We support backend platforms and software development as well as equipment configuration and installment. We are providing services to multiple platform providers such as Fleetprom. CAN fuel measurement, advanced EU roadtoll payments.

Global IoT SIM cards

Our IoT SIM platform in cooperation with OpenM2M. Global coverage with pay as you go rates for IoT applications.

Smart metering

modbus, m-bus, rs485 based remote data acquisition of power meters, water meters, gas meters. End to end solutions from software to installments.

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We can support your embedded project. ARM, Atmel, high power and high frequency circuitry - we bring your idea to reality. Schematics, PCB design, manufacturing materials, stencils, embedded firmware development for STM32 based processors. Small run assembly with enclosures and testing.


We provide 3D printing and CAD design service to companies, engineers, entrepreneurs or students, who want to have physical representation of their ideas. Our equipments makes the 3D printing or CNC milling accessible to anyone. It could be a small series of enclosure, machine part prototype, our colleagues can support you from design to manufacturing.

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Draken OÜ


Rännaku pst 12, Tallinn 10917

VAT: EE102511743

Bank: BE72 9670 6149 3316

Draken Technology Transfer Association


4400 Nyíregyháza, Vay Ádám krt. 4-6. 2/223

Bank: 10700048-70526477-51100005

VAT: 18906176-1-15

E-mail: hello {at} draken.ee

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