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Custom control board with BLDC

Custom control board with features including a 250W BLDC motor driver with current sensing, DC solenoid driver, and Serial HMI connector, this all-in-one solution encompasses PCB design, assembly, firmware, and HMI software, delivering unparalleled performance and control for client, regarding it's specific industrial application.



Experience Innovation in Air Quality Monitoring: We proudly present a standout project where we successfully assembled and deployed 100 customized air quality sensors, tracking crucial metrics including PM10, PM2.5, temperature, and humidity. These smart sensors seamlessly transmit real-time data to our servers, while our meticulously designed frontend elegantly presents the gathered insights on an interactive map, providing an insightful visualization of environmental conditions.



Simplify Construction Management: Introducing our tailored project management software, designed to streamline operations for construction companies. This comprehensive tool enables effortless tracking of project finances, including incomes, expenses, machinery costs, and labor expenditures, empowering efficient decision-making and enhancing overall project success.



Elevating E-Commerce: Delve into our accomplished project featuring a dynamic webshop. With integrated credit card payment capabilities, this platform offers a seamless shopping experience for an array of exquisite decoration materials and artificial flowers, combining convenience and aesthetics in one online destination.



Efficiency Redefined: Discover our successful venture into fleet management systems. From device configuration to seamless installation in vehicles, we've developed a comprehensive solution that empowers end customers to track their fleets in real-time, gaining valuable insights and control through an intuitive map interface.



ChatGPT and DALL-E based captcha solution. The captcha implementation demo is based on Django, Python3, SQLite, Ajax, OpenAI REST API. Most of the captcha tools are either boring, confusing or frustrating. An average human captcha solving is above 20 seconds, while every day we spend 500 years of captcha solving - the same captcha can be resolved by paid online resolvers in less than 5 seconds.



SBF leverages the Django framework as its backend to deliver real-time soccer statistics, ensuring a seamless and dynamic user experience. By harnessing Django's robust features, we provide a responsive platform that keeps fans updated with live data, enhancing their engagement with the thrilling world of soccer.