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We support your business where technology challenges appear. Our team consists of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers, environmental scientists, network experts. Multidisciplinary projects are welcome!

3D printing

We provide 3D printing and CAD design service to companies, engineers, entrepreneurs or students, who want to have physical representation of their ideas.

Our equipments makes the 3D printing or CNC milling accessible to anyone. It could be a small series of enclosure, machine part prototype, our colleagues can support you from design to manufacturing.


GNSS based vehicle or equipment tracking, IoT, smart metering, remote sensing - our data driven world needs reliable data sources. We provide out of the box solutions, or we can support your own development needs.

MQTT, REST, GPS, GPRS, LoRa, CANBUS, MODBUS, MBUS - terms you can hear in our office every day.


We can support your project with electronics development. It could be a small sensor, or a fancy gadget with a display - nothing is impossible. Embedded development with ARM, C++ or MicroPython or what you prefer. Small series assembly can be done inhouse.

Where did the name come from? Back in 2008 we wanted to make an MMORPG game where the players can establish a galactic army, the name of the game would been draken. Unfortunately the project did not came to live, but the enthousiastic team persisted. Now we have a wide range of experience in different engineering and sciences, doing a large variety of projects.